Thursday, September 26, 2019

Falling Leaves Fox Card - Club Scrap

Create an adorable Fox Card with Club Scrap's Falling Leaves collection following the tutorial instructions featured on Splitcoast Stampers.

I made some adjustments based on the tools and supplies I had on hand.

Falling Leaves Fox Card 

Gather a 5.5x8.5 Ivory paper and score horizontally at 4.25" to create a card base. Trim an Orange panel to 3.75x4.25".

Draw two faint pencil lines traced onto the Orange panel. I used the circle guide from a cutting tool.

Cut along the lines with a pair of scissors.

Cut a leaf from Brown paper with the Falling Leaves Die Set. Trim off the stem.

Trim ear shapes from Orange and Ivory papers.

Rough the edges of the Ivory paper with a Paper Distressing Tool to give it the appearance of fur.

Add shading to the paper ears with Club Scrap Earth Ink. Adhere the paper ears together with Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator.

Die cut more leaves with a washi tape technique. Layer these leaves with Red leaves cut from the same die.

Add a bit of color to the cheeks with an Ink Applicator Brush. Cut small eye and mouth shapes from slivers of Brown paper with an oval punch.

Make three leaves with the Falling Leaves Stamp Set in Leaf Ink. Fussy cut with scissors and add to back of the leaf cluster.

Create a stamped sentiment from Club Scrap's Scandinavia collection in Earth Ink and layer with a double loop of Falling Leaves twine fiber. Adhere the ears, leaves and sentiment cluster to the front of the card with hot glue. Add white gel pen details to the fox's nose and brown colored pencil freckles to the cheeks.

Let's take another look at the finished card.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Fabulous Fall Card with Handmade Paper!

Welcome to my stop along the Falling For Handmade Paper Blog Hop! If you arrived from Michele Emerson-Roberts' blog post then you are in the right place. If not, hop on over to the Club Scrap Blog for a complete list of participating bloggers.

Fall Card Tutorial

Create a fall card with lots of lovely layers created with handmade paper and the Club Scrap Falling Leaves collection.

Handmade Paper Pumpkin 

Blend packing paper and Gold Brilliants according to the Arnold Grummer Papermill instructions into pulp. Add scraps of Falling Leaves Red plain paper into the blender. Pulse until the red paper is in approximately 1/4" bits.

Pour the pulp into the mold.

Complete the paper making process and admire the amazing results!

Cut three ovals with a paper punch.

Distress the edges with Tangerine and Earth Hybrid Inks with an Ink Applicator Brush.

Add a bit of Bookbinding Glue from a Needle-tipped Applicator to the back of one of the ovals.

Adhere the first oval onto a second oval as shown.

Add glue to the back of the third oval.

Adhere the third oval centered over the double oval. Embellish with a die cut leaf and torn Brown paper stem.

Set the pumpkin aside to use as an embellishment on the card.

Handmade Paper with Die Cut Inclusions

Prepare the pulp mixture in the blender with paper from junk mail and ferns dried in the Garden Press.

Pour the pulp into the papermill and swirl the Orange die cut leaves into the pulp. Continue the paper making process. The leaves look so cool embedded in the paper fibers!

Tear the paper vertically into a 2" wide strip to use as a border strip on the front of the card.

Layer the torn handmade paper with a torn Orange panel.

Adhere the layered strips onto a Falling Leaves print 4.25x5.5" folded card base.

Adhere pressed fall leaves onto the card with Bookbinding Glue.

Create a double loop of brown Falling Leaves twine fiber and glue to the back of the pumpkin.

Stamp the sentiment onto a scrap of handmade paper in Earth Ink.

Let's take a look at the completed card.

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Here are a few additional photos taken during my paper making process.

Adding dried rose petals and tiny fern inclusions to the pulp.

My daughter Alicia helping me make paper.

Wet pulp on the drain rack after the wood frame is removed.

Paper pulp after moisture is removed with the press bar on couching papers.

Drying process completed with high heat from an iron.

Finished handmade paper samples.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sprinkles Remix Stitch Bound Album - Club Scrap

Create a stitch bound album to coordinate and fit perfectly in my Sprinkles Remix Trifold Album featured on the Club Scrap Blog.

Sprinkles Remix Stitch Bound Album #clubscrap #minialbum #sprinkles #icecream

If you have never made an album like this before, check out Tricia's video for lots of tips and tricks!

Sprinkles Remix Stitch Bound Album Tutorial 

Gather papers and cutaparts from the Sprinkles Remix Page Kit.

Trim two (2) each of the 12x12 pink, blue, and mint papers and one (1) 12x12 orange paper to 8.25x10.5" with the grain direction short. Score and fold each paper horizontally at 5.25". The large trimmed cutapart fits perfectly on the front of the album to create the cover.

Create a piercing template with a white strip of scrap paper measuring approximately 3x9". Lay the paper horizontally on a Club Scrap Desk Blotter. Temporarily place a folded signature onto the paper strip and mark the top and bottom edges of the signature. Draw a line at each spot with a marker and Acrylic Ruler.

Beginning with the top edge, measure and draw additional lines at 5/8, 1-1/8, 2-1/8, 3-1/8, 5-1/8, 6-1/8, 6-7/8, and 7-5/8".

Lay a folded pink signature into a Piercing Cradle. Align the piercing template with the top and bottom edges as indicated by the marks.

Pierce holes along the scored line following the marks on the template. The piercing cradle makes it so much easier to accurately pierce the holes directly into the fold of the paper.

Stack the pierced pink signature over the next two signatures and transfer the stitching holes with an awl.

Continue to pierce holes using the pink signature as a template until all the pages are pierced.

Cut two 3.5" lengths of Sprinkles Remix plaid ribbon.

Tape one ribbon to the first pink signature, between the 2nd and 3rd stitching holes.  Repeat with the second ribbon between the 6th and 7th holes.

Thread a tapestry needle with a two-yard length of waxed linen thread. Pick up the first pink signature and stitch from the spine into the signature, leaving a 3" tail. Continue to go in and out of the stitching holes and over the ribbons. At the end of the signature, ensure that the thread is pulled taught and there is no slack, being very careful not to tear the paper.

Pick up the second signature (blue) and enter the hole adjacent to the last hole on the pink signature. Continue to stitch in and out of the pierced holes.

At the top of the second signature, tie a knot with the 3" tail.

Pick up the third signature (mint), enter the adjacent hole and continue stitching as before. At the bottom of the page perform a kettle stitch securing the mint to the blue signature. Slide the needle between the first and second signatures.

Make a small loop with the thread.

Drop the needle through the loop.

Pull the thread and secure the pages together with the knot.

Continue this process to complete the stitching of the book. Thread the exposed tails through their adjacent stitching holes to the inside of the book. Tie a knot around the inside spine stitch to secure and trim any excess thread with a scissors. Tape the ribbons to the back cover.

Adhere the large sundae cutapart to the front cover to hide the ribbon tails.

Trim a 5x8" panel from the Sprinkles Remix 12x12 Cone Print to cover the back of the album.

Let's take another look at the finished album.

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