Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stencil Splat!

Spent some time the past week playing with my stencils for a recent blog post over at Club Scrap Creates.  You can check it out HERE. As a result, I kind of stumbled upon a "new to me" technique. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do this before. So here is my Stencil Splat idea.

1. Turn your stencil to the back side and then with a juicy Club Scrap® Neon Ink Dabber, splat it down onto the stencil. To get your dabber inky, simply turn it upside down and give it a bit of a squeeze dispensing the ink onto a nonstick surface. I used my acrylic stamping block.

Club Scrap® Graffiti Stencil 

2. Place the inky stencil on to the previously stenciled word ART, being careful to line it up properly.

Double Stencil Technique

3. Apply a bit of pressure to the back of the stencil to ensure the ink is transferred. Carefully lift off stencil.

4. If you have any Neon ink left on your stencil you can create a second stenciled piece.

5. Turn the stencil onto a piece of plain white cardstock. Stencil the word ART using Club Scrap® Peridot Hybrid ink onto the paper.  Make sure to apply pressure on the ink splats to ensure transfer.

Hope you enjoy this fun technique.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Club Scrap Trees Blog Hop

Trees Blog Hop Badge_rev photo Trees_Hop_Badge_zps35358256.jpg

Welcome and I am so glad you are hopping with us today. If you have arrived here from Karen's post at Club Scrap Creates then you are in the right spot. If not, hop there to see what she has created for you and to find a complete listing of participating bloggers.

Now let's get to my project.

1. Spray blue, green and yellow glimmer mists (I made my own using the Creative Concoctions Retreat 2012 recipe cards) onto the Trees stencil. Press the wet stencil onto a piece of watercolor paper. Allow to dry.

2. Cut tree trunk and branch shapes from the Wood Tape. Ink edges with CS® Hybrid Earth ink. Remove backing and adhere to the misted panel.

3. Punch leaves from Random Doorways Brown, Red, and Gold cardstock. Adhere to the panel using CS®Bookbinding Glue.

4. Stamp the Trees Borders & Backgrounds UM quote onto Random Doorways Yellow cardstock in CS® Hybrid Earth ink. Tear along one long edge and distress with Earth ink.  Cut a piece of Wood Tape to the same length as the Yellow quote panel and tear lengthwise. Ink the edges to distress. Mat both pieces onto a Random Doorways Red cardstock panel.

5. Mat the artwork onto a piece of cardboard cut from a CS® Pizza Box.

Bonus: Faux Wood Panelling

1. Trim CS® Pizza Box cardboard into four .5x10" strips.

2. Spread a light amount of CS® Bookbinding glue along each strip. Drag the glue, leaving some of the cardstock areas bare. Allow the panelling to dry.

3. Run the CS® Earth Ink pad along the surface of each panel. The glue will act as a resist, thus revealing a faux wood grain texture.

4. Mitre the corners and create a frame around the artwork. Adhere to your finished piece.

Hope you enjoyed this project and enjoy the rest of the Hop!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Club Scrap's Big Deal Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Club Scrap® Big Deal Blog Hop!
Big Deal Blog Hop photo bigdealhopbadge_zpse9b81ad9.jpg

If you arrived here from the Club Scrap Creates Blog and Karen's post, then you are in the right spot, if not, hop back on over and check out the list of our participating bloggers so you don't miss any of the cool artwork along the way.

I took inspiration from this "how to video" I found on Pinterest for today's project.  I thought it would make a great cover for my own art orphan paper pack.

Here is how my cover came together.

Step 1. Cut cardboard pieces from a Club Scrap® Pizza Box.

Step 2. Tear off pieces of cardboard and sand to soften the edges.

Step 3. Use a foam brush to paint sections of the cover and cover flap using Homemade Gesso from the Creative Concoctions workshop (Club Scrap Retreat 2012). *All the recipes and other Retreat items are available now in the Club Scrap Shop and are on SALE until Monday 3/3/14 RUN!!

Step 4. Use Straw Yellow Gelato (made available with Rust Gelato during release of CS® Just Dandy 2011) and apply color to select areas of cover pieces.

Step 5. Drop a small amount of Yellow Neon Dabber onto a nonstick surface. Paint on to surface of covers on the Gelato colored areas allowing the colors to mix and blend.

Step 6. Use Red (more) and Metallic Blue (less) Gelatos to add more color to the covers. Use your finger to blend colors. *Note: Use the water brush to further blend in the colors.

Step 7. Ink edges of front covers and the back cover with CS® Earth Hybrid Ink.

Step 8. Create cover by following the instructions from Shari's "how to video". Trim out 2 playing cards from the Big Deal digital card print and cut each in half vertically. These will be used for the hinge pieces. Score, ink the edges with CS® Earth Hybrid Ink, and attach to covers using Club Scrap Book Binding Glue.

Step 9. Attach piece of ribbon to cover flap using glue dots. Staple tiny attacher staples in criss cross pattern for embellishment at either end of ribbon prior to attaching. Punch flowers out of Big Deal ivory cardstock and printed Big Deal digital card print.  Punch small daisy centers out of Big Deal red cardstock and 1 out of Big Deal ivory cardstock. Attach to cover flap using hot glue.

Step 10. Continue embellishing cover using stamped quote from Big Deal Borders and Backgrounds UM. Layer onto Big Deal kraft dotty cardstock. The larger flowers are punched with a Fiskars Daisy punch out of kraft dotty cardstock and red cardstock along with some smaller flower punches. The black centers are made using Ranger Enamel accents and the pearl center using Liquid Pearls Platinum pearl.

Step 11. Create pad of art orphans using Club Scrap Bookbinding and Padding glue. With binding clips, secure the art orphans making sure they are tightly bound and flush on one end. Brush a heavy layer of the glue along the flush edge. Allow to dry completely and apply second layer.

*Note: I created these pieces of art using a variety of Club Scrap® Stencils & Masks, Stamps, and an embossing folder we received as a gift at Retreat 2013 along with acrylic paints working on a Gelli plate. For more details stay tuned for an upcoming blog post at Club Scrap Creates 2/28/14.
The art orphan paper pack fits loosely inside the cover and the black ribbon from the Big Deal kit holds everything closed.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this project.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Neon Dabber Dotty Valentine

Here is just a little something I worked on when testing out this technique.

Just the beginnings of a card.

Pink Neon ink puddle, create heart shaped mask, apply dots with pencil eraser, and done!

Stamp a sentiment and it is done.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Link Up Tool Testing

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post a little blog about inLinkz.

We are starting our registration process at Club Scrap for our Assembly Line Boot Camp.

During this week folks will be learning how to upload their artwork from a blog, gallery, or their computers to an inLinkz tool on the Club Scrap Creates Blog.

I thought it might be helpful for everyone who is new to this to have a place where they can practice.

I am providing a "linky tool" here on blog for you to practice on.

You can upload any Club Scrap artwork that you have created over the past year.

Also the X next to everyone's names is for them to delete their artwork if there was an error made while trying to upload the link.

*note- I have not paid inLinkz to extend my tool capabilities, so you will not see an image here of your artwork.  However, if you click on the text (description) you will be brought to your artwork.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Club Scrap Graffiti Blog Hop - Card Cabinet Project

 photo Graffiti_HopBadge_zpsce43c7a8.jpg
Welcome to the Graffiti Blog Hop!  
If you have arrived here from Club Scrap Creates then you are definitely in the right spot.  If not you might want to hop back there to see a complete listing of all the Bloggers participating in today's hop!

I am very excited to share my project with you! I saw a very cool wood cabinet on line recently and thought, what a fun project to recreate using my Envelope Punch Board and Club Scrap Pizza Boxes on their way to the recycling bin.  

Here is how this project all came together.

Step 1. Cut 5 pieces of cardboard packaging (I used 2 Club Scrap Pizza Boxes for this project) 4 side wall pieces measuring 5x10.25" and the back wall piece measuring 5.75x10.25".
**Please note, it is important to strengthen your side wall pieces.  They are created by layering two pieces (alternating the grain direction) and glueing them together using Club Scrap BookBinding Glue. The back wall is one thickness of cardboard and the grain direction does not really matter.

Step 2. Use CS® BookBinding Glue to adhere the back wall to the 2 side wall pieces.

Step 3. Cover the cardboard with white text weight paper.


Step 4. Create shelves for the cabinet using left over double thickness pizza box cardboard four pieces cut at 4.75x5.625". Cover each with white text weight papers. Check out Tricia's video for details on how to properly wrap your boards. Space the shelves 2" apart and attach them with book binding glue.

Step 5. The base and top of the cabinet were created using book board.  The top is made of 3 pieces glued together and are the following dimensions 5.25x6.75", 5.125x6.5", and 5x6.25". They are aligned flush at the back of the cabinet allowing for the sides and front to have an 1/8" reveal around each piece. The base is 5.125x6.375". I painted mine white to match my cabinet. Attach the top and base to your cabinet using CS® BookBinding Glue. The base will also be flush to the back of the cabinet with an 1/8" reveal around the bottom of the cabinet along the sides and front.

Step 6. Using the Envelope Punch board create your drawers using five sheets of 10.5x10.5" heavy black cardstock.  Insert the paper into the punch board at 4.25" mark and punch and score.  Rotate the paper 90 degrees. Place the paper at the 3.75" mark and punch and score. Rotate the paper again punching and scoring at 4.25" and finally rotate and turn again punching and scoring at 3.75". 
Check out this VIDEO to learn more about making a rectangular box with a notch.
White text weight paper used to illustrate the steps.
Step 7. Rotate the paper another 90 degrees. The first punch and score marks will be your guide for making the final punch and score marks. Line the bottom of the notch on the right side of your punch board with the score notch on the punch board. This will be the spot to score and punch for all the remaining sides of your box.  

Step 8. Assemble your boxes by folding on all score lines and adhering using ATG tape. 
Please note, I used white paper to illustrate the scoring and cut marks (in black) for the drawers.  
This shows the the notches trimmed out of the drawer.
When I assemble my drawers, I fold over this triangle piece so that it is hidden inside the side of the drawer. This step adds stability to your drawers as well as keeping the inside of the drawer looking neat and clean. 
Step 9. Place the assembled drawers into the Envelope Punch Board at 2.875" and punch a notch in the front of the boxes on one long side only.  

Decorate your cabinet by layering the bold and colorful Graffiti prints onto cardstock. I matted mine on papers from a past Club Scrap kit called Science. The purple, blue and orange colors matched perfectly with the Graffiti kit colors.

I labeled my drawer fronts using the fun font that came with the Graffiti Digital kit printed on matte photo paper. The digital kit is available for purchase HERE. I stamped a little splotch image from another past kit called Memoirs on either side of the labels. I finished the labels off with the cute square brads that also came in my Graffiti kit. I layered each with Science Blue cardstock and adhered to the front of the drawers. 

I am so happy with how this Card Cabinet turned out. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. 
My Monday Blog Post at Club Scrap Creates featured cards which fit nice and neatly inside the drawers. It holds at least twelve A2 cards per drawer, woohoo!

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Up next on the Blog Hop is INKSTAINS WITH RONI!