Friday, April 23, 2010

DIY Swatch Book!

So one of the cool prizes I won during the PSL or Pro Scrapbookers League over at Club Scrap was a project that came in the Memoirs kit last year.  I had the original kit and made it and it was a really fun project.  Well in my prize was a second set (accidentally included) of matte board pieces.  So I set out to make my own with some left over paper, POPs and embellies from the Solstice kit.   I also needed the inside pages and grabbed some matching blue paper from my stash and cut it into the appropriate size.

I did kind of a step by step of how the project comes together.   Here ya go!

I used my CS book binding glue to attach the matte board pieces to the cardstock.

Here is where I wrap the cardstock around the matte board!

and this is the cover completed.

Here I am working on inking the edges of the matted papers I am using for the cover embellishment.  You can also see the stacked inside pages.  All of them have had 1 hole punched in the top left corner and then using that as a guide you punch a hole thru the cover while closed in the same spot.

This picture shows a close up of how the post from a "post bound scrapbook album" holds the book together.  The pages swing out on this point.

And here is the finished book.  The inside pages can have quotes on them or maybe some of your favorite stamped images.  One of the designers at Club Scrap even glued some of the inside pages together and then carefully carved out a niche inside to hold secret dimensional items!   Very cool!

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  1. Julie,
    Thanks for the inspiration on getting started on your projects from PSL. That could be a fun weekend project.