Friday, April 23, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day!

It is on Saturday May 1st and I was wondering what everyone is doing to celebrate?
I am thinking I may just have to send an invite out and see who wants to come to my house and create something scrappy!


  1. I so wish I lived closer-I need some friends to craft with!

  2. The problem with being a Crafter and building up more and more contacts over time is -- you have to choose WHICH May 1st NSD crop to go to!!! Sigh... wish I could bi- (or tri-) locate!!!

    Definitely hold a crop or open house or something!!!

    Lynn M.

  3. You are so right Lynn, and I so wish you all lived closer! ;)

  4. I get together with a bunch of friends on the first sat of each month to scrap - lucky that this month it's on nat'l scrapbooking day! One of these months you should come down! We'd love to have you!