Wednesday, April 14, 2010


     Hi everyone,  sorry I haven't updated in a few days.  Been busy with family life.  My boy Jason was called up to the Varsity baseball team and is now the only sophomore on the team.  Way to go Jay!!   Alicia just brought home another honor roll report card.  She is just such a wonderful student and gets such glowing remarks from her teachers.  I just love that!  And little Shannon brought home the class Bear Eddie the Teddie from Preschool and needs to make a scrapbook page for the special book of Eddie's adventures!   Now tell me we are not going to have fun with that little project!!  ;)
     While Alicia was at the orthodontist getting a new bracket on yesterday,  I spent time there working on the Club Stamp Castaway Project and it was challenging, but so much fun!  I have to admit that I did have to pull of some of the stitching half way thru because I messed it up,  but you know what,  that is just more practice in the fine art of book binding!  LOL!
     I really loved the unique stitching on the spine.  This is one of the great things about Club Scrap® and their bookmaking projects,  so fun and unique!   They have one heck of a design team over there,  let me tell ya!   The ideas are just always flowing!
    Here is a picture of that binding.

I am still working on the neat little accent piece which was included in the kit.  It is a piece of pine that I have painted with Distress crackle paint.  Love that stuff!   And the piece has risers on the back so that you can slide in a photo or image!

Off to get the little one dressed for preschool!  See ya later on with more pics!


  1. Congrats to Jay! And your daughter. Isn't it fun to celebrate out kids' accomplishments? I love baseball season - my son is a freshman and currently starting shortstop for his team!

  2. I know Rinda, it is so exciting to see them all excel in things they love!