Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Had a nice peaceful morning.  My daughter Alicia,  made me a sweet card and my youngest Shannon drew me a lovely pencil drawing.  My son Jason gave me a hug and a Happy Mother's Day Mom!   I really have so much,  it is the nice peaceful family atmosphere that is the greatest gift of all.  My hubby Greg,  is always there for me and we do lots of little things for each other during the year.  So gifts on mothers and fathers day are not required.  As long as we acknowledge each other every day,  that is more important.  Love this family of mine!

We also get a special treat this evening,  we are sharing a lobster dinner with the family.  I will see my Mom on Wednesday to wish her a Happy Mom's Day in person.

Hope everyone is having a special day!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Julie! I'm also having a very peaceful day. For M's Day, I ask my kids to sit for a nice portrait without complaining . . . and for them to wash/detail my car. We also usually have a nice dinner (grilled tritip tonight, if the weather cooperates).
    Rinda (who also kindof loves jewelery, but would much rather have a happy, healthy family)