Monday, May 24, 2010

I love gardening!

Another of my favorite things to do is gardening!   I spent the last few days outside working on planting my annuals.   I also did a few updates to some beds.   My hubby Greg and son Jay removed a large white pine from one bed by the street.  These trees grow so large over time that we knew it was not going to be a good thing if it remained there.  So with a big empty spot that needed filling,  I got 3 large daylilies from my sister in law yesterday that fit in nicely.  
So what are your favorite annuals to plant?   

In my garden,  it is a close tie between Wave Petunias and Impatiens

Here are some pics!


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I miss having a nice beautiful yard. I will gaze at yours until I have a big yard again. :)

  2. Your yard is beautiful. My yard is mostly full sun and I plant a lot of annuals in amongst perennials. Favorites, hmmm...Zinnia for cutting, Cleome because they bloom all summer, Cosmos because they're beautiful..even plant them in pots on my deck, Nicotiana because they smell wonderful, Impatiens in pots on my porch because they are no/low maintenance...shall I go on and on? Thanks for asking.