Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Stroke Painted Birdhouses

For Mother's Day I gave a dime store birdhouse a little update.  I gave it to my Mom today and she loved it.  I also needed to replace one of my houses.  Note: *  never ever make a birdhouse from particle board or it will disintegrate if you put it outdoors.  I bought a hand painted birdhouse a few years back at a craft fair and recently hung it outdoors.   Turns out if probably was not intended to be outdoors and is falling apart.

Here are the 2 houses.  The first is my moms and the second is mine!


  1. Super cute Julie, I love the second one. I'm a good stamper, scrapper etc but I stink at freehand type things like this-nice job!

  2. Beautiful, Julie! I didn't know you were such a great painter!!!

  3. One Stroke painting, another one of my many hobbies! LOL
    You did a great job on the painting, Julie!

  4. Wow! Very did you learn to do one stoke painting?