Thursday, September 30, 2010

Okay seriously...

.....way to long since my last post!    A lot has been going on in the Heyer household.   All the kids started school at the beginning of the month,  dentist appointments,  visiting in-laws from AZ,  Shannon started Kindergarten full day,  getting ready for Club Scrap Retreat,  oh I could go on and on.  

Crazy but so much fun!   Shannon is loving Kindergarten and can not wait to go every day!   So happy for her.  

Loved spending time with my in laws.   They are the best!   We even got to visit Truro Vineyards down Cape where we had a wine tasting and tour!   So much fun and a wonderful lunch at the Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet.   Also if you are in Wellfleet you need to go to the PB Boulangerie which is a fantastic French (both bakers are from France) Bakery!   Well worth the trip!    My folks were able to come with us also and the six of us had a wonderful time together!   We all decided we need to make it a tradition  whenever GG and Papa are here visiting.  Maybe next time it will be a visit to the mansions in Newport.

Today I learned a fabulous new technique from a friend,  Farley,  who shared a video link from Youtube!  
I had heard of this technique before,  Zentangles,  but had never learned how to do it.   You can view the video here.   Really captivating to watch and so addictive!   Here is what I came up with.

Have any of you ever tried this?!   So much fun!  


  1. I am staying away from the whole zentangle thing, as I'm sure I would become horribly addicted!

  2. I don't know anything about zentangles, but these look lovely and remind me of Michael Strong's work. I'll have to check it out.

  3. those turned out great.....I did watch one of the videos......not quite a "dizziness" as I thought it might be so I may try it.


  4. I am so happy that you have given Zentangles a try! I have been curious ever since I first heard of them, but never tried them either. I watched the video you linked, and then checked out Their newsletters have lots of instructions to get you started. I have been doodling for an hour now. So much fun!! Thanks, Julie.

    Norma (ncscrapcat)

  5. Julie, your flowers are beautiful and you don't even have to think about watering them! (I am so bad at watering my plants, but I love them). Your zentagles are awsome!