Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Binding Glue Resist

I had been thinking about trying this technique for a little while, but never got around to it until today.
Our week 6 challenge for PSL this week involves the use of Art Media.   So I set out to give it a try.
I used a piece of plastic shaped like a credit card to apply Book Binding Glue from Club Scrap onto a stencil (also from Club Scrap).   Allowed it to dry and then use that image as a resist.

So it was an experiment of sorts and it worked for the most part.   The glue itself had a tackiness to it that I wasn't expecting and held the color of the inks.   I was surprised at that result because distress inks usually come right off glossy surfaces.   The only thing I can think of, as a way of explanation as to why the inks didn't completely resist, is that maybe the glue has some porous quality to it even when it is dry.

So here is what I did.

Step 1.

Apply Book Binding glue (about the size of a quarter) to the stencil over the paper* using the plastic card.   Using a scraping motion, pull the glue over all the open areas of the stencil until they all have an even amount of glue in them.   Gently pull back the stencil to reveal the glue stencil image.

*I used a piece of cardstock from my stash which I had previously colored using Distress Stains.

Step 2.

Once the Book Binding Glue dried completely,  I used a brayer and a direct ink pad to paper technique using Faded Jeans Distress Ink, and applied to the entire surface of the cardstock piece.

Step 3.

I then took a damp cloth and removed the ink from the glued stencil image which was acting as the resist.

Step 4.

I tried the resist with several other stencil images.    The bottom image failed as there was a reaction between the paper I chose and the glue.  So that one ended up in the circular file.   The other one I misted with Sapphire Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels.

Step 5.

I then created cards using the panels.

Hope you enjoyed learning this technique.
Be sure to let me know what you think and if you have ever tried this type of resist technique.

Mostly Club Scrap products used in the making of these cards.


  1. Brilliant, Julie!


  2. I tried to comment last night when I read this but apparently it didn't take. Great job thinking out of the box, Julie! I wonder if the glue and ink will still react with water if exposed? Just thinking out loud...
    Love it!

  3. This is awesome, Julie! Way to be cutting edge!!!!

  4. Great technique, I also found this recently and it works perfect.
    Love your samples.

  5. Another awesome use for BB glue...I can't wait to try this. (How do I get more hours in the day????)

  6. Julie - this is WICKED cool!! Was it hard to clean the glue off the stencil?

  7. Fascinating, Julie! Thanks for sharing. Very creative.