Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inking Technique by Me!

I love creating my pages from my monthly Club Scrap kits and always ink the edges of all the paper parts and pieces on my layouts.

It adds so much dimension to to the layout.  

Sometimes I am faced with pieces that are very light weight or skinny and hard to hold on to while I am trying to ink the edges.   So I came up with this technique on how to do it more easily.

I grab my handy dandy Club Scrap® grid ruler (14x3) , my cut apart from the gorgeous Bookshelves March kit, and lay it out with just the edge over the ruler and then lightly brush the edge with ink.

I love how this technique keeps the paper from bending and moving while I am inking the edge.

It really is amazing when you look at these pieces side by side,  what a difference the inked edges make.

Hope you enjoyed this little tip :)  

Thanks for coming by.


  1. Great tip Julie! Thanks - Connie

  2. You are so smart! Solving another scrapping dilemma!! I'm going to use that! I don't usually take the time to ink the edges of anything (because I'm messy!) but I think I'll give it a go when I get this new kit. Because it aleady looked aged, I bet it can take a few mistakes! thanks, Julie!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing,

  4. Wow, what a brilliant idea! So simple and yet it could be one of the most useful tips ever. This is something I really have trouble with.
    Thank you.

  5. You are so clever...yet another awesome use for the grid ruler!

  6. wow, Julie ... great idea! thanks for sharing.

  7. Very cool Julie, it's one of those little things that I would have never thought of!

  8. I will try that next time I edge something. This is a terrific idea Julie!