Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New ALCM formula to share!!

The Pro Scrapper's League over at Club Scrap has come to an end and I am still in a crafty mood.

My good friend Jennifer hosts a Card Sketch Challenge every month and I decided to jump in and create a set of cutting instructions for it.

Here is the sketch Jennifer chose.

Using the sketch as a guide I set out to create the instructions.

Here they are!    Click on the image and you can download a copy for yourself!

Here are the cards that I created using the sketch.   I also created an 8.5 x 11 print using my Club Scrap Wildflowers stamps, embossing powder and Distress inks.  The colors I used were Mowed Lawn, Squeezed Lemonade and Shaded Lilac.
I also picked out a green embossed paper from the Club Scrap Surf's Up kit.   I used the Mowed Lawn Distress ink direct to paper to bring out the deep embossing of the paper.
The sentiment is from Club Scrap Sorrento stamp set.

Thanks for coming by,  and please let me know how you like my instructions.
I hope they have been useful.


  1. Oh, Julie -- need you ask??? I just LOVE your directions! I am in awe of you guys that can come up with these! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Julie, thanks for posting this! I need all the help I can get. I've taken on the project of getting cards to send to my son's battalion in Afghanistan and need assembly instructions since it doesnt matter if they're similiar, just so the guys/gals have cards to send back home!

  3. Stunning cards, Julie! Know how we discussed how much we have in common? Well, math isn't one of them! LOL Your brain works in that mysterious way that Tricia's does when it comes to formulas, and I'm super thankful for that, because I can just follow the instructions! Hugs.

  4. be still my heart .... I love these kind of instructions - thank you! You have a new follower!
    Sandra ltb

  5. So fab Julie. I have posted these all over Pinterest too! :)

  6. Julie - I just love when you create these and share!! Your hand stamped paper is lovely. The colors make me happy and dream of spring like weather. I hope it comes soon!

  7. Arlene (aussiemom)April 3, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Julie...Thank you for figuring out a formula for this card sketch. Love it! I used to be very good with math, but not since Lyme. I really appreciate all card formulas that make it easier for me to produce more cards.

  8. Love it Julie! Love your instruction and your beautiful cards!

  9. very cool, i like it when someone else does the math for me! thanks.

  10. Love this one! The patterned paper really stars!

  11. Julie, Love...love. I want to keep card making also. Thanks for the formula, Pauline