Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Club Scrap Picnic Blog Hop!

Welcome to Club Scrap's June Blog Hop featuring the Picnic Kit! If you have arrived here from Karen's blog post then you are in the right spot, if not you might want to head back to Club Scrap Creates Blog to check out her artwork and a complete list of participating bloggers.

I thought the perfect way to celebrate this kit was with another Pizza Box Creation. I made this woven picnic basket! The design was inspired by the Life's a Picnic Mini Album project by the super talented Laura Denison.

Here are the steps I took in creating my project.

1. Cut a Club Scrap Pizza Box into 5 pieces.  A base and 4 sides.

2. Cut 3/4" wide strips of Trees beige paper. The lengths vary depending on the size of the pizza box pieces. Weave the strips to form a sheet which are larger than the pizza box pieces.

3. Apply Club Scrap Book Binding Glue to the sides. Center on woven mat and adhere making sure that comes in contact with all the layers of paper. Allow glue to dry.

4. Trim off excess paper with craft knife.

5. Cover base pizza box piece with Trees beige paper.

6. Mitre the corners of the paper. * Note: do not leave an 1/8 inch space at the corners.

7. Spread glue on flaps and attach to the 4 side walls.

8. Cut 1" strips of Trees beige paper and score in half.

9. Lay the scored pieces along the edge of the basket at the corners. Mark with a pencil the angles to form a perfectly aligned mitered corner.

Mark the top edge of the basket in the same manner and trim.
10. Attach corner pieces with glue.

11. Create cover using woven 3/4" strips of Picnic dark green paper. Cut 3 pizza box pieces, 2 top flaps and 1 spine piece.  Cover top spine area with Trees beige paper.

12. Create handles using long strips of Picnic dark green layered with Trees beige papers. Punch holes in basket and attach handles with brads.

13. Cover the back side of the cover flaps with beige papers leaving the gutter areas exposed. Stamp with marching ants from Picnic Borders and Backgrounds set around perimeter and spine.

14. Create a faux gingham liner for the basket using an embossing folder along with light pink paper from the Picnic kit.

Ink the raised gingham with Fuschia hybrid ink.
Score at the 4th row of squares to drape over the edge of the basket. 
The liners on the sides of the basket were a bit longer than the sides with the handles.
Attach to inside edge of basket using glue or ATG adhesive.  
15. Create 2 sets of mini albums using Laura Denison's stack the deck hinge system. Make hinges using the dark green Picnic papers.

16. Cut pages using Picnic papers in a variety colors. Attach each page to a hinge piece using your favorite tape runner adhesive or glue.

*Note: I decided to add an extra hinge piece to accommodate 2 additional pages.
17. Attach mini albums to backside of basket cover flaps using glue.

18. Place cover onto picnic basket. I designed the cover with the mini albums to fit snugly so that the cover would not shift and move about.

Now the fun begins, picking out the perfect photos and embellishments for my Picnic Basket albums.

Hope you enjoyed the visit and thanks so much for stopping by.

Up next on the hop is Roni's Inkstains Blog!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Card Care Connection Donation

After reading Karen's post today over at the Club Scrap Creates Blog about the Card Care Connection, I gathered a set of 25 cards I had created during Club Scrap's Pro Scrapbookers League in 2012.  These are just some of the cards I sent today!

What a wonderful cause created to inspire and uplift those battling cancer.