Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Club Scrap Cinema Blog Hop!

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Welcome!  If you arrived here from Karen's post over at Club Scrap Creates, then you are in the right spot.  If not, you may want to hop back and check out her amazing artwork and also check out the entire list of participating bloggers!

In keeping with my recycle a Club Scrap Pizza Box theme, I created a movie reel box with a set of circle albums inside. Check out this Blog Post for more details on how one blogger created these adorable minis.

Here is how it all came together.

1. Cut pizza box into two long strips 1" wide, using the entire length of an opened pizza box.
Trace 2 circles using a cereal bowl as a template. Cut the second circle slightly smaller, being sure to cut inside the drawn template.

2. Use book binding glue to adhere the long strips to the outside edges of the circles. *Tip - hold the ends together with the film tape included in the Cinema kit, while the glue sets.

3. Cover sides of boxes with flashing tape from the hardware store. Wrap the edges of the tape around to the back of the box.

4. Cut slits into the flashing tape to allow it to wrap easily to the back of the boxes.

5. Print out images of movie reels, sized to fit the box's bottom and top, from the Cinema Digital Kit.

6. Trim out the images with scissors and adhere to the boxes.

7. Create a digital print to use for the covers of your mini circle books.

Created using Time of Your Life and Cinema Club Scrap digital kits 

8. Choose four 12x12 sheets of paper and trace four 5.75" diameter circles onto each.

Club Scrap papers from Random Doorways, Bold Blooms, Wisteria and Oopsie Daisy.

9. Fold and assemble according to the instructions.

When the albums are tied closed, they fit perfectly inside the Movie Reel box.

I tied each with the 4 ribbons included in the Cinema fiber pack.

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