Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Homestead Club Scrap Blog Hop!

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Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop! If you have arrived from Karen's post over at Club Scrap then you are in the right spot. If not, please head back over to check out the complete list of participating bloggers. You wouldn't want to miss out on all the fantastic paper crafted inspiration along the way.

Click HERE to see a photo that inspired this project. 

Get your pizza boxes and let's get crafting!

1. Cut eighteen windmill blades from 4x12" pizza boxes strips.

2. Combine 3 parts yellow ochre and 1 part light green acrylic paint to match the Homestead green paper and paint three wooden skewers (from the grocery store).

3. Mark and poke holes into each blade.

Make first hole with paper piercing tool.
Widen the hole with the tip of a pencil.

4. Cover each blade with Homestead green paper and distress the edges with Earth hybrid ink.

Trace the shape of the blade onto a 4x12" strip of green paper and trim.
5. Create a circular frame out of small white wire-coated coat hanger. Thread blade pieces onto the formed frame. Hot glue ends of coat hanger together to secure.

6. Hot glue each blade into place on back of the windmill.

7. Measure and trim painted skewers to fit onto the frame in a spoke fashion. Punch a 1" circle out of green paper and back with pizza box circle of the same size. Spokes will insert into the corrugated sides of the circle hub. Secure ends with hot glue into hub and onto windmill frame.

8. Create a faux barn board wall with more pizza boxes cut into random 4" wide pieces.

9. Cover each piece with Homestead brick paper of the same dimensions and attach with Club Scrap® Book Binding Glue.

10. Distress edges using a paper piercing, distress tool (both from Tonic) and Earth Hybrid Ink.

11. Pierce holes in barn boards and insert brads to create faux nail heads.

12. Cut pieces of pizza box from two sides and top of box. Attach barn boards using book binding glue to form the base.

Back of wall hanging.

13. Print out windmill quote from the Homestead Digital Kit created in iScrapbook application onto matte photo paper.

14. Trim out quote and distress edges with tool and ink.

15. Add embellishments to the windmill and quote using die cuts and the wooden tag from the Homestead collection.

Attach metal medallion distressed with red acrylic paint (to match the barn boards) onto hub of windmill.
Wooden distressed tag, wax linen threads and grommet.
Green, Brick, Pumpkin, and scraps of hybrid quote print out die cuts.
Sizzix decorative strip die
Ink and curl edges of leaves and wheat die cuts. Layout the pieces in a pleasing design before permanently adhering to wall hanging.
16. Attach to wall hanging to complete the project.

I really hope you enjoyed the project as much as I enjoyed making it.

Enjoy the rest of the Hop and the next stop is Roni's Inkstains Blog


  1. Julie, you make such good use of the pizza box for many projects! Thisis another stunning idea and the inspiration is wonderful, but I like yours best!! All the elements come together beautiful.

  2. SO creative! Awesome detail Julie!

  3. Inspiration is everywhere! And all you seem to need is a pizza box and a glue gun to make 'er happen . . . another fabulous project, Julie. Thanks for sharing all of the steps!

  4. Oh my, my my...this may just be my absolute favorite project of yours. LOVE the wood/barn effect. So cool! Thanks for the inspiration. So absolutely wonderful to hear your voice yesterday.

    1. Tiare, it was wonderful chatting with you too!! Thanks so much. :)

  5. Wow...just wow! That is so cooooool! I love the barn and the little 'nails" the very best. An amazing job as always!!

  6. Julie, you continue to amaze me with your creative uses for a pizza box!

  7. Where on earth do you get these ideas to transform cardboard boxes??! This is so creative, and cool!

  8. Great idea, like your creativity!

  9. Julie that looks like my windmill!! Great job on using the pizza boxes. love the layout!!

  10. Great project, Julie! Is there anything you CAN'T do with a pizza box? ;)

  11. Another great use of a pizza box. I love the windmill and all the details you added.

  12. Wow, Julie, the windmill construction, the barnboard base, that beautiful leaf collage by the quote...I could just go on and on! Crazy awesome Julie!

  13. Julie - this is so cute! If you ever run out of pizza boxes, just let me know - I have a bunch you can use!

  14. So clever Julie. You HAVE to write a book on 101 crafting ideas to do with a Pizza Box! It will be a best seller!

  15. That is so cool Julie! I love it :) Perfect use for a pizza box.


  16. Wow -- so amazing Julie! I love the barn look and the windmill. I agree - a book would be a best seller!

  17. Really wonderful idea, and that stamp image is definitely one of my favorites!

  18. Julie, you continue to amaze me with your creativity!!! TFS.