Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Countdown Day 15 - Advent Calendar Ornament

Welcome to day 15 of my countdown to Christmas.

I stumbled upon this clever tutorial and the video makes creating this ornament a breeze!

Follow these steps to create this ornament.

1. Stamp a tree image four times onto Take Wing Green paper in a radial fashion using Spruce Hybrid ink.

2. Score between and across the bottom of each tree.

3. Cut out the images along the outside score lines leave a .25" tab for assembly.

4. Glue the flap to create a pyramid shape. Thread a piece of baker's twine though the top of the pyramid and secure on the inside with a knot and a dab of glue.

5. Fold in the bottom tabs and attach a piece of Take Wing Lime (traced the shape as it was more of a trapezoid rather than a perfect square) using Book Binding Glue.

6. Add silver Viva Decor glitter glue to the branches of the pine tree image to create a snow covered effect. Sandwich the baker's twine between two silver stars just above the top of the tree.

Hang on the tree and enjoy!

See you tomorrow.

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