Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Countdown Day 17 - Advent Calendar Ornament

Welcome to day 17 of my countdown to Christmas.

I love creating a welcoming environment in my backyard for the birds. I have many feeders as well as birdhouses for them to nest in and build homes.  I decided to create a tiny birdhouse ornament to adorn the tree in honor of my feathered friends.

Here is how I made this tiny birdhouse.

1. Cut a template using an Silhouette SD and trace onto Random Doorways brown paper.

2. Mark the spots where the paper will be scored.

3. Trim out the birdhouse. Punch a hole and cut away the remaining paper from the door of the house.

4. Color the edges with Earth ink.

5. Stamp a holly wreathe on white paper using WOW Red and Spruce Inks.

6. Fussy cut the wreathe and apply to front of birdhouse around hole.

I punched the hole first and continued to fussy cut the inside of the wreathe.
7. Use the roof template and cut out "snow" for the top of the roof.

8. Attach with glue. Trim away the scalloped edges of the roof template to create more "snow".

9. Pierce a hole in the center of the roof. Loop wire and thread through the pierced hole. Secure by bending out the wire inside the roof. Attach the roof with Book Binding Glue. Glue pieces to the roof and embellish with Distress Rock Candy Stickles.

10. Add Green and Red glitter glue to wreathe. Finish off the top with a bow of baker's twine.

Hang on the tree and enjoy!


  1. Cute! You come up with the cutest ornaments,Julie!
    If I had a tree........but today I am lightning the monorah.