Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Countdown Day 22 - Advent Calendar Ornament

Welcome to day 22 of my countdown to Christmas.

This pendant ornament is made of several paper circles, some beads and a bit of baker's twine.

Here is how it came together.

1. Cut nine 1.75" circles from Scholarship Red paper using a cutter or punch.

2. Fold each circle in half.

3.  Attach together, two at a time using Book Binding Glue.

4. Attach each set of two together.

5. Attach the two pieces together leaving the final piece out.

6. Insert a long piece of looped baker's twine in the center of the pieces and then glue in the final folded circle completing the sphere shape.

7. Add beads to the bottom of the pendant on the baker's twine.

8. Embellish the edges of each circle flap with red glitter glue (Studio G) and allow to dry.

Hang on the tree and enjoy!

See you tomorrow.

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