Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Club Scrap Hydrangeas Blog Hop!

WELCOME to the Club Scrap Hydrangeas Blog Hop! If you have arrived here from Karen's post then you are absolutely in the right spot, if not hop back over to Club Scrap Creates so you don't miss any of the amazing artwork along the way.

As a youtube fan, I subscribe to a number of talented multi media artists, to keep my creative mojo flowing. Gabrielle Pollacco, is one of those amazing artists.  You can subscribe to her youtube channel HERE. She recently uploaded a video that really inspired me. After watching her create, I immediately could envision the Hydrangeas kit, and my pizza box, being transformed into this beautiful wall hanging. 

Here are some of the steps I took in creating the artwork.

1. Cut apart your pizza box into 6x6 pieces. You will use 3 for this project. I was able to cut 8 pieces from one CS® Pizza Box.

2. Tear pieces of the box off to expose the corrugated texture. 

3. Mix Blue Gelatos with a palette knife into homemade gesso. (I used my Creative Concoctions  Gesso recipe from CS® Retreat 2012).

4. Spread colored gesso on random sections of the cardboard using the palette knife.

5. Print out digital backgrounds from the Hydrangeas Digi Kit on matte photo paper. *Note- I layered the leaves image to a blue background and then tinted them green.

6. Tear and layer pieces of Trees, Hydrangeas, and digital printout papers onto the 3 gessoed corrugated bases.

7. Curl edges easily by adding some water to the back of each piece of torn paper.

8. Ink edges of papers using CS® Hybrid Earth to add depth and to highlight the cardstock textures.

9. Mix up a batch of Gabrielle's Homemade Texture Paste, and apply it using a palette knife and a variety of Club Scrap® masks and stencils. For this project I used Trees, Geometrics, and Time of Your Life.

10. Add a stamped sentiment, some fussy cut letters and leaves, and punched flower clusters to your project for added dimension.

11. Connect your wall art together using Trees raffia fibers and Gabrielle's binding technique.

Hope you enjoyed this project and be sure to watch Gabrielle's video. It is mesmerizing to watch her create.

Next up on the blog hop list is the wonderfully talented Roni at her InkStains Blog!

Other Club Scrap® products used:
Hydrangeas Art Nouveau leaf and sentiment stamps
Textiles and Notions stitches stamp
Collections Script stamp

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stencil Splat!

Spent some time the past week playing with my stencils for a recent blog post over at Club Scrap Creates.  You can check it out HERE. As a result, I kind of stumbled upon a "new to me" technique. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do this before. So here is my Stencil Splat idea.

1. Turn your stencil to the back side and then with a juicy Club Scrap® Neon Ink Dabber, splat it down onto the stencil. To get your dabber inky, simply turn it upside down and give it a bit of a squeeze dispensing the ink onto a nonstick surface. I used my acrylic stamping block.

Club Scrap® Graffiti Stencil 

2. Place the inky stencil on to the previously stenciled word ART, being careful to line it up properly.

Double Stencil Technique

3. Apply a bit of pressure to the back of the stencil to ensure the ink is transferred. Carefully lift off stencil.

4. If you have any Neon ink left on your stencil you can create a second stenciled piece.

5. Turn the stencil onto a piece of plain white cardstock. Stencil the word ART using Club Scrap® Peridot Hybrid ink onto the paper.  Make sure to apply pressure on the ink splats to ensure transfer.

Hope you enjoy this fun technique.