Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Magazine Box Up-Cycle project

As a follow up post to the Club Scrap Transformations Blog Hop project, I created a magazine box for my daughter Alicia who is away at college. Before she left, we looked everywhere for a reasonably priced set to match her bedding.

Alicia's bedding at college.
However, everything, in my opinion, was way to much money. So I set out to create a similar item using boxes I had around the house.

1. Follow the instructions for cutting the box (in this case PopSecret microwave popcorn) and creating the magazine box, in my tutorial HERE. *note: I used paint in this version.

2. Cover the all the box edges with black duct tape.

3. Trim Botanicals Green paper and adhere to the sides of the box leaving a 1/8" reveal around the edges. Cut Black paper from stash and adhere to the bottom and back sides of the box

4. Dry emboss Botanicals White paper with Brocade Darice Embossing folder from the Tin Tiles kit.

5. Swipe Onyx Hybrid Ink pad using direct to paper inking technique to the raised areas on the white paper.

6. Trim the inked papers into strips. These measure 2x4.75".

7. Arrange the pieces in a Herringbone pattern, and attach with CS Bookbinding Glue. Trim pieces at edges of box when needed and ink the edges before adhering.

8. Cut two larger rectangles of inked embossed papers for the front edge of the box and layer with Green paper.

The project is complete!

Can't wait to send it up to Alicia at school. I hope she likes them. :)

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration, lovely design, & clear instructions. Bee L.

  2. I'm finally catching up in the "Blogosphere" since Retreat, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this inspiring version of the project! Fabulous!!!