Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Club Scrap Moroccan Spice Blog Hop

Welcome to the November Club Scrap Blog Hop featuring this month's kit, Moroccan Spice. If you arrived here from Josette Trunnell's Blog, then you are in the right place. If not, check out Karen's post over at Club Scrap for a complete list of participating blogs.

So this month I had what you would call a LIGHT BULB moment ... literally. I found a lamp shade made out of cardboard on Pinterest and was immediately inspired to create it for this month's hop project.

I headed over to Amazon to search for the cord set for a ceiling pendant light. I found one
HERE for less than $10.00.
Here is the finished piece hanging over my craft room table.

Scroll to the end of this post for photo instructions.

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Lamp Instructions:

1. Cut long strips of Pizza box measuring 2x25" long.

2. Score the front side of each strip at 5" increments, being sure to cut through only one layer of the corrugated cardboard. 

3. Attach a strip of white duct tape to the back side of each strip leaving a 1/4" tab at one end. 

4. Create each pentagon shaped piece by attaching the ends of the Pizza box strips together with the tab of duct tape.

5. Trim pieces of Moroccan Spice paper 1.75x4.75" and attach to the sides of each pentagon. 

6. Create a template for the top of the lamp and print out on copy paper. This pentagon has 5" sides. 

7. Trace the template onto 1/8" thick white matte board and cut out with craft knife. 

8. Find the center of the pentagon by connecting the points with pencil lines. Trace the inside circle of the anchor from the light set to the matte board. 

9. Cut out the circle with a craft knife.

Take it for a test drive by making sure the light bulb socket screws into the hole.
10. Trace the matte board top (including the circle hole) onto the Moroccan Spice Kraft Print. 

11. Trim out the pentagon shape and stamp the medallion from the Moroccan Spice Borders & Backgrounds UM in Gold Metallic ink. Heat set with gold embossing powder and attach with Bookbinding Glue to the matte board top. 

12. Set the top down inside one of the pentagons and attach with hot glue around the inside rim. 

13. Trim 1" bamboo skewers with angled tips using scissors.

14. Insert three skewers into the corrugation cells on each of the remaining pentagons. ** Proper alignment of the skewers is critical for the lamp to be positioned correctly. Use the top pentagon as a guide for proper placement. 

15. Working from the top down attach each pentagon to the previous, staggering each one. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and love reading your comments, feedback and questions. 


  1. OMG,Julie,you did it again, this is absolutely FABULOUS!!!
    And the finished lamp looks stunning. I have to give this a try too.

  2. Woooahhhh wait WHAT???? This is utterly AMAZING!!! TOOO cool!!! Happy Turkey Day to you and your gang!!

  3. Julie this lamp is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Whoah. This "enlightening" project absolutely blows me away, Julie! WHAT NEXT? This is fantastic.

  5. This project really "lit up" my day! Wow,'s awesomely clever! Talk about thinking outside the box, while using the box.

  6. Julie, I said it before you are the Pizza Box Queen, but you have outdone yourself this time. I love this lamp, what a beautiful creative project. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Is there anything you CAN'T do with a pizza box? So clever, Julie, and it really is lovely!

  8. Really cool! Are you trained as an engineer??!!!

  9. this is really cool.
    I might just make one for my daughter - they STILL have no light over their dining table, LOL

  10. You simply amaze me, Julie! A gorgeous hanging light out of pizza boxes...

  11. Julie - you are just so talented. Whodathunk it? Gorgeous hanging lamp and using a pizza box or two!!!! Totally blown away. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Mind-blowing talent, Julie - this is truly incredibly AWESOME!

  13. You never cease to amaze me with your pizza box transformations!

  14. Gorgeous project. Love the lamp. Is there nothing you can't do with a pizza box?

  15. You are truly the Queen of the Pizza Box!!! What a GORGEOUS lamp! And how CLEVER!!!!

  16. That lamp is amazing and so very clever! Julie, Pinterest, and pizza boxes = wonderful inspiration!

  17. Julie! I always look forward to your pizza box creations. This lamp is too cute!