Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Club Scrap Woven Strands Blog Hop

Welcome to the August Club Scrap Blog Hop featuring this month's kit, Woven Strands. If you arrived here from Josette's Little Bits: Blog, then you are in the right place. If not, check out Karen's post over at Club Scrap for a complete list of participating blogs.

Check out the Inspiration Artwork HERE.

After playing with my Gelli Arts Printing Plate, I am always left with many art orphans (aka - little works of art ready to be used for future projects).

Here is how they found a home in my Blog Hop project.

1. Stamp Woven Strands Art Nouveau and Collection UM images onto Gelli Print art orphans using India Ink.

2. Create a petal template from sturdy paper, and trace onto the back of each stamped Gelli Print.

3. Cut out each petal and ink the edges with India Ink.

Before inking the edges.
After inking the edges. 
4. Arrange on background paper in desired pattern.

5. Trim a small center circle from a scrap of stamped Gelli Print.

6. Create background using Woven Strands 12x12 Burgundy, Dark Green and Blue plain papers.

7. Trim the Burgundy paper at 11.5" and rotate 90 degrees in the trimmer and cut again at 11.5". Trim the Dark Green paper at 11.75" and rotate 90 degrees in the trimmer and cut again at 11.75".

8. Optional - Trim the center of each of the Blue and Dark Green papers leaving a 1.5" border around the outside edge using a rotary blade trimmer or craft knife. The scraps can be used in future projects!

9. Distress the edges of the papers with India Ink. Layer the Burgundy and Dark Green papers together and then attach to the Blue 12x12 base paper.

10. Adhere the small center circle to the Burgundy paper.

11. Attach the petals around the center circle in a radiating pattern leaving small 1/8" gaps between each petal.

12. Trim away the petals overhanging the edge of the base paper layers. The project is complete and ready for framing!

Hope you enjoyed your stop along this month's hop, as always I appreciate and love reading all your comments, and look forward to next time!

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** Also be sure to check out my fellow Blog Hopper Cathy Gray's Tribal Art post from 2013!  She made a similar piece of art on a previous Hop!