Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flextangle template challenge

Club Scrap offers so many fun and unique challenges on the Forum.

One of them is the Monthly Tool Challenge.

This month hostess Loree K. wanted us to work with Templates.

While browsing Pinterest a few months ago I stumbled across this fun interactive Babble Dabble Do project and it used a template to cut and fold into a unique shape.

Follow the links to the video presentation and the free template.

Print out the template and trace onto Paris Flea Market Light Gray paper.

Trace and cut out Master Board stamped panels from the template shapes.

Fill in the remaining triangle shapes cut with Paris Flea Market Deluxe kit prints, leaving one row of triangles empty.

Add Bookbinding glue to the empty areas and attach to the opposite edge to connect the Flextangle.

If gaps remain, fill in with a Glue Pen.

What a fun project!!


  1. That would be fun just to have sitting out on the coffee table! Everybody would want to play with it!

  2. This turned out awesome Julie. Made me thing of those things we folded as children, where you put your fingers in and funne words written. You had to say a number and move it so many know what I mean? This is the grown up version.

  3. Wow . . . very, very cool project, Julie!

  4. I love the Paris Flea Market papers with this project, Julie!