Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Club Scrap Holiday Hybrid Cottage Project

Create a sweet little lighted row of holiday cottages perfect for last minute gift giving.

Purchase and download the Hybrid Holiday project from the Club Scrap Digital Store.

Print the PDFs onto matte photo paper for the highest quality printed images.

With a craft knife, make all vertical window cuts. Rotate the paper a 90 degrees and make all the horizontal cuts. Remove the paper with the tip of the craft knife. To cut the curved windows above the door, begin cutting at the top of the window and pull the knife blade down towards the point. Then make the curved cuts prior to removal of the paper. *For this project, the circle on the back of the cottage does not have to be removed.

Fussy cut the cottages using scissors or a craft knife.

Attach the doors onto the fronts of the cottages prior to glue assembly.

Continue to assemble the cottages according to the instructions.

Create a base for the cottages and their battery operated tea lights.
1- 2.5x8.5" top
2- .75x8 3/8" long sides
2- .75x2.5" short sides

Mark the center point of each of the cottages as they will be lined up on the top of the base.

Make a square around each point and cut out with a craft knife.

Attach the two longs sides to the front of the top book board panel.

Glue the two short sides to the ends of the book board long sides and to the top panel.

Print out the "box" print onto text weight paper increasing the scale to 125% to eliminate the outer edge of the print.

Trim the text weight print into strips to cover the book board base.

Glue the papers to the side walls flush with the bottom of the base walls.

Wrap the papers over the top of the base and mitre corners slightly with scissors.

Attach the cover paper over the holes on the top panel.

Flip the base over and cut Xs into the paper with a craft knife.

Add dots of glue and wrap the flaps from the top to the inside of the base.

Glue faux tea lights into the base so that the flames poke through the top of the base.

Attach a stamped sentiment to the front of the base. Add glue to the bases of all the cottages, slip them over the flames of the tea lights, and attach to the top of the base onto a scrap of text print.

Then light them up and have a Happy Holiday!

Thanks for join me today.

For more last minute Digital Hybrid gift giving ideas visit the Club Scrap Blog.


  1. This is just beautiful, Julie! Thanks for such detailed instructions!

  2. Spectacular, Julie! I always forget about the beauty of hybrid crafting!

  3. Absolutely too SWEET!!! Love this and love how you did the tea lights, it looks amazing! Beautiful row of Christmas homes

  4. I really just luv this Julie, it's just so adorable and you do such an awesome job.

  5. This is so cool!! Just gorgeous!