Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Club Scrap Transformations Blog Hop

Welcome to the September Club Scrap Blog Hop featuring this month's kit, Transformations. If you arrived here from Roni's InkStains Blog, then you are in the right place. If not, check out Karen's post over at Club Scrap for a complete list of participating blogs.

Finding creative uses for my Club Scrap pizza boxes (our monthly scrapbooking kits come shipped in them) is kind of an obsession of mine. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you probably already know this, LOL. So I set out to create some ALSB (Assembly Line Scrapbooking) storage for all of the kits I have completed.

Interested to see how I created my storage? Find detailed instructions for this project below.

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Create vertical storage for ALSBed kits.

(Be sure to check out the original inspiration HERE.)

1. Disassemble a Club Scrap pizza box.

2. Apply Book Binding Glue to the inside flaps as shown.

3. Tack all four tabs into place with ATG adhesive.

4. Carefully reassemble the base of the box attaching the tabs to the side panels first.

5. Fold over the long flaps to finish the base.

6. Apply Book Binding Glue to the inside of the front flap and outside of the side flaps of the pizza box cover.

7. Trim off the two small tabs from the front flap and assemble the box. Set this aside to dry completely before moving onto step 8.

8. Measure 3" from one of the short side corners and mark with a pencil.

9. Extend the pencil line around to the front and back side of the box.

10. Flip the box to the opposite end and repeat steps 8 and 9. These marks will be diagonally across the box from the first mark.

11. Draw a pencil line diagonally across the face of the box connecting the first marks on one side of the box.

12. Flip the box over and draw another diagonally line on the opposite side of the box making sure to make a mirror image of the pencil line in step 11.

13. Cut the box on the pencil lines with a heavy duty craft knife or box cutter.

14. Glue the two pizza box pieces together to form one storage unit.

15. Paint the edges with dark brown paint and both side panels in full.

16. Cut the Eggshell Deluxe prints along the grout lines.

17. Lay out the pieces onto the table to keep track of the piece placement.

18. Once the paint is dry, lay the "tile" pieces onto the sides of the box.

19. Draw faint pencil lines indicating areas to trim.

20. Distress the edges of the "tiles" with Earth Ink.

21. Attach the paper "tiles" onto the box with Book Binding Glue.

22. Cover the front and back ends of the box with Lt. Green Deluxe print panels.

Short end -3x4"

Long end -4x9.75"

23. Attach a 4x12" Brown Deluxe print to the bottom of the box.

24. Secure a metal book plate to the short end of the box and label with small alphabet stamps using Earth Ink.

The project is complete!

My custom ALSB storage file holds five Deluxe kits and two special edition kits ready for photos!

Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this project. I love to hear your feedback so please leave me a comment below! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pattern Basics Pastels Pizza Box Box

Wow say that 5 times fast??? LOL

After seeing the super talented Kay Williamson create a Mail & Magazine Box, my friend Loree challenged me to create it out of a Pizza Box. Well of course, I had to take her up on it.

We will call this PBPPBB for short.  Or maybe I should rethink the name of this post...  ;)

Here is how it came together.

1. Gather two Club Scrap Pizza Boxes and cut them into pieces.

2 - 10x10" bases
2 - 4x10" short side wall - grain direction running horizontally
2 - 4x10" short side wall - grain direction running vertically
2 - 4x10.5" long side wall - grain direction running horizontally
2 - 4x10.5" long side wall - grain direction running vertically

2. Layer the 10x10" bases together using Club Scrap Bookbinding Glue making sure the grain direction is running opposite directions. This adds strength to the boards.

3. Layer one 4x10" short side wall (horizontal grain) with a 4x10" short side wall (vertical grain) with Bookbinding Glue.

4. Repeat for the other 4x10" short side and both sets of 4x10.5" long side walls.

5. Find the midpoint of the short side walls using the zero center on a Club Scrap Acrylic Ruler. Mark the center and then measure 1.5" from either side and .5" from top and bottom. Create a 1x3" rectangle and cut out the hole using a deep box cutter blade or several passes with a craft knife.

6. Assemble the box attaching the short sides to the base first and then the long sides using Bookbinding Glue.

7. Set aside to dry.

Now that the box is assembled I chose to cover mine with Club Scrap's Pattern Basics Pastels text weight paper. Be sure to check out Kay's technique for covering the box which inspired this project.

Here is the completed box.

I am storing some miscellaneous supplies in my box, what will you put in yours?